We provide a bespoke service to all our clients but we tend to find that projects fall into one of the following categories:


Complete Design Packages

We offer a full design service from planning to completion. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and are here to guide you through every element of creating your dream home. From the easiest design development stages with the architect and builders, through to the very finishing touches, there isn't a single element that is overlooked. We source the most beautiful furnishings from all over the world and our hand-picked craftsman can create stunning bespoke furniture for your home.



Home Styling & Personal Shopping

We love to help our clients with their homes and sometimes they just need some finishing touches when they feel they can't quite get a space right or there is an extra layer that their home lacks. It may be a piece of furniture that needs designing, a set of bespoke bedding or even a present for a loved one. It may be that they need a complete design overhaul but without any structural changes. 

We have a beautiful bespoke service that can provide all of those finishing touches from commissioned artwork to rugs, carpets, photo walls, embroidered bedding, handmade furniture and more.


Turnkey Design Package

We offer a turnkey service for all of our clients outside the USA. When time is of the essence and the client doesn't want to meet on site abroad, we find our turnkey service extremely efficient. 

We provide the full design service from design meetings with the architects, builders, landscape gardens etc. through to the planning of the kitchen and bathroom and finally from soft furnishing, bedding, artwork, accessories and outdoor furniture down to the very last piece of cutlery in the drawer. 

To find out more about what we can do for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch