Want That Model Home Look?

Are you wanting your home to have that model home look, with that tailored feel and on trend style?

It's easier then you may think, follow these design tips to help create key rooms in your home.

  1. Don’t be timid when selecting paint colors. It’s the most important and affordable tool for creating ambiance in a room.
  2. Make sure every room has a visual exclamation point.
  3. Art, wall hangings and window coverings that contrast with the wall color make interior spaces come to life.
  4. White shades on lamps and hanging fixtures make rooms bright and inviting.
  5. Add sparkle and reflective elements with glass tiles and shiny accessories.
  6. Use fewer, larger table accessories for a less-cluttered look.
  7. Group colorful accessories over the kitchen cabinets in lieu of plants and baskets.
  8. Address high volume areas of the home with large-scale artwork. Room-dividing screens can be taken apart and hung together for an affordable way to fill the space.
  9. Save the splashy print fabrics for pillows and accent pieces and select solids for sofas; it will be less expensive to change the look of a room.
  10. If you only purchase things for your home that you really love, you’ll really love your home.

When it comes to your home’s interior space, good design is easy to attain. There are various ways to add pizzazz to your space, many at a surprisingly low cost. One simple technique? Paint.

Include using drywall to mimic wainscoting; selecting a lower height for the kitchen island to expand the room; and accessorizing solid furniture with print fabrics and accent pieces that you can easily and inexpensively change, should you want to freshen or redesign the space down the road. Enjoy our "one stop shop" for all of your home needs 

Now your space is sure to receive the elicit oohs and ahhs.