The Prince of Chintz, a true legend.

Mario Buatta "The Prince of Chintz" is an iconic Interior Designer in the industry for over 50 years, his design form is one that is noticed across the globe. He is one designer that doesn't forget a thing. His feeling's on design personally is "if it doesn't have meaning, then what is it doing in his space?" He's designed apartments, country homes even the president's guesthouse. 
Located across the street from the White House is "The Blair House" he designed this 51room home in 1988 alongside Mark Hampton. This residence is used as the president's guest house. 
His designs can be seen on Southern Charm's Socialite Patricia Altschul magnificent home. She commissioned Mario to revamp her 1850's landmark home in Charleston, South Carolina.
To soften the wood floor of the apple-green double drawing room, Mario Buatta took a Stark carpet from Altschul’s former Long Island, New York, estate and cut it in half, dividing it between the spaces. A Lee Jofa floral upholsters several armchairs and the love seat, and a Colefax and Fowler check covers the French bergèr
Antique photos adorn her stunning stair hall and 19th-century Gothic Revival and hand painted flooring.  
A Manuel Canovas fabric lavishes the master bedroom, where a Donald Roller Wilson painting is displayed above a 19th-century chinoiserie étagère from Philip Colleck.
Built-in 1853-1854 by cotton planter Isaac Jenkins Mikell, the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House was bought in 1935 by the Charleston Free Library and served as a public library until the early 1960s when it was sold and restored as a private residence. Patricia Altschul bought the house in 2008, putting her personal touches on the home.