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If there’s one thing all Interior Designers are asked questions. Lots and LOTS of questions. Interior design is highly personal, but there are still a few guidelines, tips and tricks to adhere to if you want to achieve a truly awe-inspiring space. That said Nouveau International Design  lets tackle some common interior design questions that we seem to stumble across almost daily.Time to get into it, shall we?

Q: How long is the design process and how long does it take before install

A: It can vary depending on the scope of the project, but Nouveau International Design generally estimates 2-3 weeks to create the design plan and put the presentation together. This includes getting construction bids, quotes for custom items and getting samples. Once everything is approved and ordered, most projects can take up to 12 weeks depending on the scope of the project, and other can take up to a year. 

New Build From The Ground Up

Q: Can you do design something in my style?

A: Yes! Our Florida designers believe design is subjective and our goal is to bring to fruition the spaces you’ve been dreaming up with elements you love from design and bringing our elevated eye to the overall project. Every client is different, which is why your exact dream style may not be on our website, but we’ll be thrilled to achieve it for you! Remember, sometimes your investment guides how close we can get to the desired look.

Q: What if you present something I don’t like?

A: We work very hard to create design plans that we know you’ll love, but occasionally there might be an item or two that you’re just not feeling. We do allow time in our design fee for a couple re-selections.

Design Selections

Q: I want that finished-out look. How do the accessories work?

A: A few weeks before install day, we will reach out to our clients to confirm you if you want us to bring out other accessories and we will set a investment at that time for those selected pieces.

Q: Is this process going to be expensive?

A: Start by thinking about how many items it takes to get a room pulled completely together. Now imagine someone else doing it for you! This is an investment. While we obviously must account for our time and business practices, we end up saving you money in the long run, by avoiding poor buying, overspending on the wrong pieces and just making too many misguided mistakes. The cohesive process, including our design time, should always save you money in the long run!

Q: How do I care for my furniture/rugs?    

A: The furniture we use incorporates a wide variety of finishes. Our vendors help us give you the best care instructions based off a specific piece of furniture. After an install, it is our priority to provide you with samples of all your fabrics along with step-by-step instructions for which cleaning products to use to live freely in your home, mess and stress free!

Q: We have kids and are concerned about durability. Will your selections hold up/be easy to clean?

A: Yes! We have multiple lines that carry durable, pre-treated fabrics. These fabrics have advanced technology in stain resistance, durable construction, liquid repellency, odor resistance and UV and fade resistance. As a Designer it 

Q: What type of counter material do you recommend?

A: We highly recommend using Quartz for most counter tops. Not only is it the most durable option for a kitchen, it also comes in a wide variety of colors and eye-catching designs. This low-maintenance counter top never needs to be sealed and it is easily cleanable with soapy water. It is also antimicrobial, which keeps bacteria, mold and mildew from penetrating the surface.

 Counter Tops

Q: Will I be able to sit on a piece of furniture before ordering?

A: Every piece is custom ordered to your project. Our team has vetted every line to make sure we have quality manufacturers. Although you won’t be able to actually test your product, we have personally taken all measures to ensure that a piece of furniture is the highest quality.

A: We see the ceiling as a 5th wall. In most cases, this helps expand the room, even with bolder and more saturated colors! The eye continues around and doesn’t have a hard stopping point. A white ceiling can often cut off the visual point for the eye and make a room feel squatty depending on the coloration and style of the space. We also prefer to set off any woodwork and trim with paint is our job to choose a fabric that best meet the client’s needs based on the space it will be used in.

Q. From simple makeovers to complete renovations of large and small spaces, skilled interior designers at Nouveau International Design can cover your interior decorating service and design needs quickly and affordably.  Changing and upgrading your home or receiving corporate space design services can have a dramatic impact on your environment and state of mind!

Our Florida interior designers have spent years developing relationships with the top resources in the industry, ensuring our professionals have the ability to deliver cost effective solutions for your home, office or retail space.  This extensive time in the industry has afforded clients of our design team with a deep reservoir of selection and excellent pricing.  Give us a call at (972) 417-3800 or visit our website today if you are interested in working with our designers.