The kitchen isn't just for display anymore

We now have way too much time on our hands since we have all been social distancing for a while now due to the coronavirus. Board games have now officially become bored games, how many times can you pass go and collect $200.00? The NBA has become MIA, and Netflix and Chill has lost its thrill you know it's bad when Tiger King has become a household name.

Social media has become an outlet for everyone, even that becomes monotonous so what's the next best thing to do in your house bedsides clean it again. Cook! Yes, even I understand that is a huge step for many of us. Never have I looked at my kitchen and felt this draw to it, if anything I avoided this room as much as possible but lets face it people have to eat. 


I'm sure my family can thank the lock down for me getting into the kitchen, I personally thank the internet. Who knew you could become a  Michelin chef in thirty days, or a professional mixologist. Now I look at the kitchen and see my great escape, plus side is everyone will leave you alone they all want good food not burnt food.

Here are a few recipes that I recently did and to my surprise everyone loved them. 

Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon 


Italian Pulled Pork


Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

(Food Network)

Tossed Salad

(Rachel Ray/ Food Network)


Bourbon Old Fashion 



Hope you enjoy your meal, your family won't be disappointed let us know how it turns out.