Outdoor lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting is just as important as Interior lighting, add a little ambiance to your patio space when the sun goes down. Go for function but also when selecting lighting style is a must! 

Entrance lighting is the gateway to your sanctuary, they also highlight your landscaping as your guest arrive. Choose from wall mounted lighting or floodlights, or a combination. You can also install motion sensors to alert you to movement around your home; however, if your floodlights are too bright, they will create deep shadows, perfect hiding places for trespassers.

Types of lighting.

Solar lighting is very practical and economical, think about installing solar lighting where you need lights to illuminate a walkway or by a doorway. Bonus: Lights come on automatically and they’re low maintenance.

String lighting String lights are extremely versatile and won’t break your budget. You can string them around your deck, an umbrella or pergola above your dining area, or through trees and around tall shrubs or topiaries. You can even “dress” them with shades to fit the occasion

Tiki Torches Buy them at home supply stores, or if you’re not able to anchor them in the ground, then you can fill galvanized steel flower buckets with sand and anchor the torches in those. Use them to light a walkway or to light up a seating area or porch.