Take your eyes to new heights with color

Painted Ceiling Illusions

Let’s talk about that ceiling!  Did you know that white stops the eye?  I know, every builder in the world has been offering up white ceilings it seems for the last century.  But have you ever experienced the expansive sight of a painted cathedral ceiling or an open-air stadium?  The sky’s the limit, right? So, by painting your ceiling a color, it will actually recede and appear taller.  I’m not advocating investing is gallons of navy-blue paint for the whole house, but the next time you paint, consider using a lighter version of the wall color on the ceiling.  If your room is gray, cut the color by half with white to create a lighter version of the wall color for the ceiling. A great place to take a risk with a darker color is the powder room ceiling…Have fun and go for it! ( insert our link)