How to stay sane during quarantine

I feel like we're all in a movie and waiting for Will Smith to save the world, only in this movie we can't fast forward the scenes or change the channel. With social distancing being one of the top trending phrases on the internet, stores lacking any toilet paper, and misdemeanors being handed out to those who leave their houses for unessential reasons. This is our new world for the time being and we are all adapting to it daily. 


Since day one of the "stay at home" order I have kept a daily routine, and I do my makeup daily not for anyone else but for myself. Yes, I am that person and like to feel good even if I am at home virtually working. Who know's I might have that one person who says "can I FaceTime you" there's no way I am going to look like the walking dead to anyone on the other side of the phone. As for my clothes I do have my lounge leggings, you know the one's that just fit like a glove but once you start falling asleep in them it's time to switch it up. I recently found the most amazing soft light weight sweat suit from the Joy Lab collection at Target, should I need to run out quickly it's still fashionable and comfy. Bottom line I just feel better, and it shows in my work as well as my attitude. 


Reading New & Old Books

If anything, I’ve tried to find ways to embrace this time at home — and one way I’m doing that is by reading. Reading has always provided an escape for me and if I’ve ever needed an escape, it’s definitely now. I like to switch up what I am reading it keeps my mind clear. Here are a few that I have read, or intend to read they can be ordered and delivered to your doorstep. 

Finding A New Hobby

A lot of people have been saying on my social media about using this time to start a new hobby and, well, they’re not wrong. Between my blog, my businesses, and family, I told myself, “Rita, you don’t have time for any new hobbies," but I have picked back up sewing, and sketching, not to mention cooking I am grateful for Google on that note.

Now is the time to pick up those knitting needles, practice your interior design, learn how to roast a duck, or whatever else you’ve been putting off because you just “didn’t have the time” before.

Focus On My Businesses

I’m fortunate that my small businesses operates from my home, so I’m able to fuel a lot of my extra energy into finding new lines we want to carry, open up new accounts, and evaluate where our wasted time and money was going before. Your business really becomes transparent, and you can break it down because lets face it you have time on your side now, and you're not going anywhere.

This has also been a wonderful way to work on promotions and business models, as well as, pay my phone bill. If you have a side hustle that you’ve considered monetizing, now’s the time.

Supporting Other Small Businesses.

I’ll scream this from the rooftops: SMALL BUSINESSES NEED OUR SUPPORT NOW MORE THAN EVER. Many small businesses are offering online or curbside ordering, so please consider supporting them over corporate stores. Not only are you helping them pay their bills and stay alive, but you’re also putting money back into your local economy, which will be much needed after all of this is over.

While we’re currently on week three (? — I’ve lost count) of quarantine, these are just a few things that have helped me stay grounded during this time. What are some things you’ve been doing? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time