How to Organize your Men’s Closet.

Everyone talks about getting a new haircut, new clothes, and shoes but I think one important thing you should focus on this year is How to Organize your Men’s Closet.

We are always busy doing our daily activities and dressing for different events and we end up putting our clothes anywhere.


What I like to do is organize T-shirts by colors and the ones that have graphics on it. You should already have everything out of your closet, so choose a place that you think will be perfect for the t-shirts section.

Go ahead and separate all the colors including t-shirts with graphics on it. Then what you will do is place the t-shirts organized by color and hang them.

With the same color, t-shirts keep the ( Plain T-shirts on the left ) and ( T-shirts with graphics on the right ) and so on for the other colors. It should look like this:

Dress Shirts and Suits

With this section of Dress Shirts, you should do the same thing and arrange them by colors as well. We often use the different type of colors so remember to separate the plaid shirts as well. For the Suits and Blazers besides colors, separate them by fabric wool, cotton, linen etc…

Jeans and Pants

I would suggest you hang your Jeans and Pants because they tend to get wrinkles. You should already know how important it is to never wear clothes that are wrinkled.

If you don’t have much space in your closet at least hang the pants and leave the jeans folded.

Shoes and Accessories :

The best way to organize shoes and accessories is to make them visible. Like I mentioned before, you want to be sure you will see everything you have to make the best option for your outfit.

Plus you can make use of all the space you have inside your custom closet. The same thing for watches, sunglasses, bracelets etc… Having drawers that showcase off your accessories are a must. 

Ties and Belts, I hang everything. You don’t want to fold your ties because it can get wrinkled and if you fold your belts unproperly, it will leave marks that will damage them.

Take the time out and organize your closet, it will help you start your day off on the right foot by being organized. "Don’t wait for tomorrow what you can do today. "