How to Decorate larger walls in your home.

Not sure how to decorate the larger walls in your home? Instead of looking at it as a huge conundrum start looking at it as a blank canvas. Here are 5 wall decor ideas and considerations as you start your day.


Here are a few design tips before you start filling the wall with a lot of "small" items.

  1. Scale: Go big. If it’s a big wall, you need something that won’t disappear into the wall. We’ve all seen big walls with tiny-by-comparison-art — if it isn’t the correct scale, it can look cluttered, disappear, or may even look like an unintentional blemish of an afterthought.
  2. Expense: But if it’s bigger, won’t it be more expensive? Larger art and wall decor can get pricey but it doesn’t have to be. If there’s a piece you love, save for it and purchase it in the correct scale. But, I’m sharing some investment-friendly alternatives throughout the post!
  3. Continuity: Plan your walls to compliment your decor and surroundings — even from room to room if you have an open floor plan.
  4. Repetition: While you may have a favorite go-to for bare walls (for me, it’s mirrors), you don’t want to use the same “trick” over and over; keep your solutions diverse.
  5. Meaning: I am not the “special meaning” police. If I see a canvas that I think is pretty at HomeGoods, I’ll totally buy it! I love when we are able to incorporate pieces or works that have special meaning or remind us of a special time, but liking it, in itself, is reason enough for me! Just don’t feel like you  have to “settle” with a bunch of stuff from one trip out that you don’t really like but think it “may go”.

Now that we’ve covered the bases and what I try to keep in mind when I’m planning wall decor, let’s get into 10 different ways to decorate a large wall!

Now that we’ve covered the bases and what I try to keep in mind when I’m planning wall decor, let’s get into 10 different ways to decorate a large wall!


If you’re trying to avoid dropping a lot of money on a huge piece, you can create a wall of art that can serve as one big piece for a fraction of the cost by hanging a gallery wall. There are tons of approaches and tons of options to make these totally you. You can opt for a collected, diverse assortment or go the more uniform route.


A more involved (but statement maker, for sure!) way to “decorate” large walls is to make your walls art, themselves. Adding trim and moulding is something you can do to customize several spaces throughout your house and while you could add art on top, they can totally stand on their own without any extra embellishments. Using shoe moulding and sticking to simple boxes directly on drywall and topping with paint can keep expenses down on a projects that could add up quickly.

3. Mirrored Wall

Inspired by European-style mirrored walls, these plexiglass panels are a more practical and affordable option. The panels, which are painted and trimmed with picture molding, have a reflective quality but don't break. Two-inch stock lumber defines the grid.

4. Beaded-Board Backdrop

Add interest to a wall with beaded board. Cut 22 5/8-inch squares from a sheet, of beaded board on the diagonal. Also, cut 2-inch horizontal and vertical moldings to fit the wall. Apply the beaded board to the wall, carefully matching the beads along the edges and nailing every few inches. Nail molding strips around the perimeter of the wall and between the squares to cover the beaded-board edges. When all the pieces are in place, paint the wall. Beginners should take note that this project requires a lot of measuring and cutting.

5. Make a Statement

Popular in the formal living and dining rooms of traditional homes, raised panels make a dramatic statement when they continue up the staircase wall.