Graduation During COVID19

Many seniors took their senior photos last spring if you were are in High School, College seniors were supposed to take theirs this past spring but that was halted due to COVID19. This was the final year that you all had worked so hard for, these past four years of tears, break downs, fun group projects that made your head spin, and football games that were the highlight of the past four years, now were all rushing to an end.  No one imagined that you would have spring break and that be the end of your Senior year, now classes were finishing virtually. The major question on everyones minds is "What about Graduation?" You have earned it, and it's still time to celebrate your success!


Graduation Photos

If you have your cap and gown or need to borrow one do so, get out there in your backyard or in a nice scenic area and take your graduation photos. Make sure you and your family have fun with them, after all you all have become closer then ever during this time.


Graduation Gifts

Did someone say "GIFTS", we all love receiving them but you have earned them. This year, friends and family from out of town may not be able to come and visit, but they would like to get you something. Luckily, places like Amazon and other online retailers allow you to set up wishlists. Take some time and set up lists that you can then share with aunts and uncles as well as grandma and grandpa or other close family friends. Cash is always good, and they can Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle you.


Virtual Party

Set up a virtual gathering of friends and family as now we are all experts at Zoom and Skype. That way, everyone can be involved in graduation. You can even arrange for things like cupcakes to be delivered to family members who are away, and you can all enjoy food and festivities together. Share photos, set up a slide show everyone could share photos of your favorite graduate. Enjoy it and tell stories.


Decorate The House

While you cannot be at your school graduation this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your home just as spectacular. Pull out the lights, get balloons, streamers, and have at it! Put up pictures of your graduate through the years along with photos of their friends.  Put up signs in your yard, letting everyone on the street know that you did it! Bottom line, have fun, and be creative, get your Pinterest  ideas going.  

We know it won’t be the same as graduations in the past. But, it will be a memory unlike most. Imagine how many people will be able to say they graduated during a pandemic? Class of 2020 has that honor and unique experience. We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. So, do celebrate. You have earned it!