Get out and play


Staying at home doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. If you have a yard or a grassy, unoccupied area close to your home, get out and play!


When COVID-19 first started affecting Florida, we prepared for the inevitable shutdown by buying some lawn games. We knew our family couldn’t stay entertained by technology forever and would need an excuse to get some fresh air.


Here are some of the lawn games we’re playing:



Purchase these games at your local sporting goods store, Target or Walmart, or follow the provided links to buy them on Amazon.


If you don’t want to purchase a lot of games, you can use household items to create your own lawn games.


Here are some DIY lawn game ideas:


  • Ring toss: Gather long-neck bottles and find an item to make into a ring. You can cut an circular, wide cap into a hollow ring, shape plastic or cardboard into a circle, or use a rope — get creative!
  • Human ring toss: Have hula hoops? Use them as rings and your family/friends as the pegs!
  • Tic-Tac-Toe: Head out to the driveway with some chalk and play a giant version of this classic game!
  • Lawn bowling: Paint used bottles to make them look like pins, line them up and roll any ball you have laying around.
  • Human hungry hippos: Blow up some balloons and use baskets as the “hippo.” Players lay on their stomachs and try to catch as many balloons as possible.
  • Lawn Twister: If you have lawn-friendly paint, create a Twister board in your grass. Or just bring your Twister board outside if you already have one.


Take advantage of this downtime by getting outside and soaking up some fresh air. What lawn games will you be playing?