I had to think long and hard about what to write about today. I rise early in the morning and get on with the day with a positive outlook.  I admit I have had a few mornings where I wish it were only a bad dream. I refuse to take that attitude.  I feel we all need to do our part and inspire others to do the same.  Today let’s talk about Finding Grace in Quarantine and Random Acts of Kindness.


“During times of stress, flowers can come to the rescue, heal our hearts and souls and bring beauty where there is none”.


We will be unable to work during this time, so to keep our sanity, we plan to spend this time working around our home.



At a restaurant in Houston, a customer left a $9,000.00 tip and asked the owner to help his employees during unemployment. During a trip to a Houston’s restaurant in Atlanta on Sunday,Tyler Perry surprised each of the 42 unemployed servers with a $500 tip, and also paid for customers groceries at a Winn-Dixie in New Orleans La . Many people are unemployed during this time people are paying it forward.


Are you following goodnews_movement on Instagram you should it will lift your spirits. Now more then every you want to surround yourself with a good atmosphere. We need to keep the world in our thoughts and Prayers, our hearts go out to all the victims and their loved ones worldwide. Great gratitude to all the medical teams worldwide, such bravery, such devotion to mankind. Unchartered territory, who knows where this will lead. Compassion is key.


John Legend did an Instaconcert in his home with his family for all to enjoy on Instagram and challenged other artists to do the same


This is a frightening time for all of us who are self-employed. If you have a favorite restaurant in your community that depended on eat-in meals, and they are now doing takeout support them. Many of us are in save not spend mode but if you have a small business that you love, and you have some things in mind give them your support. These are a few of our favorite local merchants.

Many small businesses have opened online stores to try and keep afloat. If you know someone who needs a lift, look online at some of the small businesses and buy a gift card, or purchase an item. 



Do you follow Happify you might want to give it a follow. The post today will brighten your spirits and your heart. Every little bit of positivity will keep your spirits up and your daily motivation up.



Thank you for doing your part to flatten the curve in a mindful giving way. We will all be forever grateful when we can gather with friends and share a meal or a glass of wine again.




You read Finding Beauty in Quarantine and Random Acts of Kindness. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspiration. Please share your thoughts and experiences with all of us.  Let’s make this a place for sharing how we are passing the time, and how we are coping. Let’s not forget to have hope, humor and practice random acts of kindness.  You all are a huge source of comfort to me during this uncharted territory we are navigating. You truly are the best.