Custom Organization Boards

With the recent outbreak of COVID19 we are all home and in this together. Children and parents are having to learn and work from home for the next 30 days. Your home has become more then just a place to relax, or for friendly gathering. Everyone is now having to take over designated work/learning space and keep it all organized in the process. 

Since computers and paperwork are now all over the place, here is a quick tutorial on how to make a simple fabric push pin board without it costing a fortune. You probably have a lot of these items in your home already. What's nice about customizing your own push pin board is having the ability to make it any size you want, and multiple boards can be done quickly. This could be a project for  children to make for their school work, it's a great way to keep all of the class assignments organized. 

Let the children have a little fun with this project by adding stickers, ribbon, or pretty much anything they would like on the edges, remember this is for paper organization so keep the center clear.

Materials Needed
Foam Board Any Color & Any size
Duct Tape
Glue Gun
Craft Stick (Wooden Spoon)
Decorative Studs (2-4) Prong

First Measure the size you want

Cut the foam board with to size should 

(If you want the board longer, cut one foam board  in half and duct tape it to the bottom, we needed ours longer for our project. )

We didn't worry about the color of the foam board since it was going to be covered in fabric.

Place your board on top of the fabric and cut it with the scissors, you actually want to cut the fabric a little bigger than the foam board.

Now that the fabric is cut its' time to stick the fabric to the board. Make sure that the pattern is straight unless you have a solid fabric. You can actually pin it to stay in place. 

Take the glue gun and make a line of glue just on the area you are working on. You don't need to put a lot of glue on it will sick easily and quickly. Place your fabric over the hot glue, take a wooden spoon or craft stick to press the fabric down on top of the glue, make sure to fold over the corners to create a finish look. 

Now you have the push board completed, in order to hang your board on the wall, make sure your nails or screws are long enough to go through the board and into the wall. You can get decorative studs with (2-4) prongs to cover the nails/screws. 

Once you have them mounted on to your designated space, let the pinning begin.