Backlit Mirrors, are you curious?


Choosing your mirrors are already hard enough, and adding backlit mirrors well that's just on another level of decisions. Knowing the difference in style and function of backlit mirrors is a game changer and one you don't want to miss out on.

They are normally installed in bathrooms, which uses LED lighting tubes that sit behind the mirror, outlining the perimeter. This lighting is great for shaving, applying makeup or just looking at your reflection. The subdued lighting creates a soft ambient effect. At the same time, the lights behind the mirror give it depth, another dimension which makes the bathroom become more interesting and beautiful.

Not all backlit mirrors are the same some are rectangular in shape some are circular and others can be a unique shape you may have personally created. There are different features for your backlit mirrors, such as the lighting style, some have tv's in the center so you never miss your favorite shows. Are you wondering how to turn on and off your mirror? There are two ways to do so one is a soft button that is fabricated on to the mirror front, and with a soft press of your finger the mirror is on, and another way is a switch on the side of your mirror that is hidden a simple click up the mirror is on. 

Some of the biggest advantages of LED lights over incandescent or fluorescent bulbs include:

  • LED lights use more than 80% less energy than any other kind of light, making it extremely impactful for the environment while also saving you multiple dollars on your monthly energy bills
  • LED lights last 50,000 hours, making them extremely long-lasting, which adds even more to their affordability and efficiency
  • The quality of light provided by LED bulbs is often higher than incandescent light, which is often too hot and too orange in color
Once you have determined exactly where you want the mirror to go, you can start looking at the different types of mirror LED lights available.