6 Home Projects To Do During Quarantine

These are some strange times, school has been cancelled until May 1 here in Florida, everyone is currently living in a life of uncertainty and life as we know it has changed. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to survive 6 weeks of at home quarantine, my home better be in tip top shape. We all need to stay productive, and enjoy our time with our loved one. Praying life will be back to normal by May.

If I’m going to be completely honest here I feel as though I am full of (insert word of choice) giving out advice on how we are going to put on a happy face during this pandemic. I have spent the past 14 days feeling a mixture of sad, frustrated, anxious and slightly buzzed. I am not choosing to ignore my feelings about the current state that the world is in,  or ignore the terrible suffering everyone else  must be feeling, I am simply choosing to distract my self with more positive things. Despite all of these mixed emotions, I am a person that thrives on having a plan. Making a plan for your house is something that takes a lot of time and creativity.  We might not have a lot of control over things on the OUTSIDE right now. But we do have control over how we spend our time on the INSIDE. A serene interior space is your escape from the overworked, overstressed & over committed life we have all grown accustomed to. Now is the time to reclaim your home life. You know those things about your house that drive you crazy but you were too busy to work on before? Now is the time to change the energy in your home environment, reconnect with the people you share it with & create some new stories to be shared. Here are 6 Home Projects To Do during COVID19 Quarantine to make your home feel less like a prison and more like a safe haven.

1. Make A Mood Board

The perfect way to spend your day of dreaming what to do next to your home. Pintrest is a great place to get images of what you like, but what do you do with them after? Create a mood board to stay inspired. Canava, is my personal favorite, it’s simple enough all you do is drag your photos to the upload window. You can customize fonts and have fun dreaming up all of your DIY Project. Nouveau International starts with a mood board & sample selections to help express the design for each space. It’s a great way to hone in on the style of the space and create something stunning


2. Paint a Room

Now is the perfect time to get that room painted, or try something new after all we have a little extra time on our hands. We offer online paint consultations if you need help picking out the perfect shades for a room or your entire house if you feel so inclined.

3. Planting Flowers

Once the COVID19 got real we started planting flowers, we would have done a garden however I don’t have quite the green thumb and am lucky enough to have the flowers last. If you want to take it up a notch plant a garden, let the kids plant the seeds and watch them grow. There is something so therapeutic about getting outside and digging in the dirt to clear your mind. Also, the kids are home so they can be your little helpers as well, make it their “outdoor school” lesson. What child wouldn’t love that?


4. Organize Papers

Now is the time to attack the stack of school papers and bills you’ve let pile up on the counters. Create files for each child’s school work that you want to save no need to keep it all. Now’s the time for E-Statements to take effect for your bills, and pay them online, create a Dropbox folder for each one this will stop the flow of paperwork.

5. Rearrange a Room

No time like the present to clear every surface in your house, make a couple of different piles (keep, toss, give away), and change up the décor by switching items out of rooms around the house. Remove the covers from your books, to make a uniform look on the book cases or coffee table. Tip: When styling a vignette arrange your décor in groups of 3-5 to create a more visually pleasing aesthetic. Symmetry, natural touches & a touch of glam to make the old look come to life.


6. Hang Photographs

Get that phone or computer out, and create that gallery you wanted for so long. Tip: If you are unsure of where to hang your photos cut out the size of the frame with craft paper and arrange your grid on the floor before taping to the wall. Measure the hooks on the back of the frames and match the spacing to the paper once you do that its will be a breeze to hang the frames.


These projects should help you find a new appreciation and comfort for your home. We will give you as much inspiration you need for your home, as well as family time. Stay healthy, Safe & strong. Share your projects with us we would love to see what you have done.