Growing up a vanity was very important to me it was a place for all of my personal needs no one else's. As a girl and now a women there is something so powerful about your dressing area. When you sit down at the vanity area something comes over you, it truly is a confidence builder. Each item you put on or take off are starting or ending your day, and lets not forget the fragrances that you will always remember as the "life" changing smell. Here are a few essentials for your home confidence area a.k.a the vanity. 

1. A gorgeous mirror.

Without a mirror it's just another work station. You want to make sure the mirror you are selecting is large enough in size and ample enough to reflect light and see everything. Antique mirrors are great for Drama.

2. Fabulous Lighting. I always like to choose an area with a ton of natural light because that's the best to apply makeup to the face. However, the right light fixtures can work too. You will want your light fixtures to direct light at your face, not from above, that will cast shadows you don't need. The lightbulb is everything. I recommend lightbulbs with a CRI of 90 or above. (CRI = color rendering index number) Try These


3. The right seating. A beautiful chair obviously would be amazing, but I prefer small benches or vanity stools. You want to sit in something very comfortable but also have the need sit up straight while putting on your makeup. Good posture is a great habit to start out your day right. 


4. Things that make you smile. Whether its pictures of your loved ones, framed vision boards, words of encouragement or just trinkets you adore. Be sure that your vanity has a collection of things that put a smile on your face. Nothing can beautify you better. 

5. Proper storage. Be sure to use a table with at least a few drawers. You don't want everything piling up on top of your beauty area. There are also plenty of beautiful organizers to sit atop your table space. 



6. Flowers + candles. The right fragrance can make everything better. Flowers will lift your spirits and keep the vanity area looks fresh and beautiful. Then, you'll want to burn a candle for ambiance. Those two things will just make the whole experience complete. I like to make sure all my products packaging is matching and looks good together too.