5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger and Brighter

We’re all suddenly spending a lot of time in the same space, is it beginning to fell a bit tight? Think about spaces that have made you feel calm and how they were arranged. Most spa's and hotel rooms are designed to feel much bigger than they actually are.

Tip: The furniture placement is well thought-out and the decor/color (in most cases) would be considered minimalist.”

1. Declutter

Anyone can do it walk from room to room and put things away, clear up random papers, and collect together small things that don’t have a home. A good way to get into the habit of regular decluttering keep a basket in the hallway or staircase, This becomes the “catch-all” for things that have migrated downstairs and/or out of place. Once a day, make it a habit to put back everything you’ve accumulated in the basket. It won’t take long and it will help to maintain clear, calm spaces before retiring for the night

Tip: If an item isn’t for decor and isn’t used on a regular basis, consider storing it out of sight or donating it if your local donation centers are still in operation.

2. Clear the floors and bedroom chairs/benches

The floor is not a storage space but we often create piles in corners or on bedroom chairs/benches that grow and expand over time. These piles tend to be delayed decisions, items that have no home so they get set aside on the floor, or chair.  As these piles encroach on our living space we feel weighed down. Our actual physical living space shrinks. Tackling these piles and freeing up floor space will immediately create lighter, brighter spaces.

Tip:  If you haven’t looked at items in these piles for a long time they are often items that can be let go.

3. Sort smartly

Is your living room being taken over by dog toys? Create a soft basket or bin for your pup and all of their toys, keep it by their bed. Now that there is much more family time, Netflix has become top priority which means forts and tons of blankets on the sofas, and floors. You will find that Multi-functional furniture is a must have, once the fam bam is done watching their favorite movie they  can easily fold up the blankets and pillows, and store them in an ottoman or bench.

Tip: Multi-functional furniture is also great for games, lets face it now we have more games then we know what to do with them, again this hidden storage feature in your furniture will be a nice hidden treasure. 

4. Decorate with purpose

Don’t be afraid of some dead space, a bunch of small things scattered around can feel more like clutter than a few larger statement pieces. Walls, shelves, dressers, countertops and computer desks can all benefit from this. 

Tip: Pick one room at a time, then look at your walls and surfaces. Do you really LOVE everything you see? Remove the items that you don’t love, and of course, keep the items that spark joy to you or define your style.”


5. Light the way with lighting

Light is a simple and powerful tool that can completely transform a room. Lighting up dark corners and having multiple sources around the room will create space.

Tip: By literally spreading out the lighting, you’ll also be metaphorically stretching out the room.

If you are feeing overwhelmed, pour a glass of wine to begin your journey with these five steps.