15 Glamour Decorating Ideas

Do you enjoy the Hollywood Glam look like I do? Then these decorating ideas are for you. I will explain how to turn your home in to a Glamorous show piece with a decent investment amount. 

There is something about the Hollywood Glam look that makes you feel elegant, and ready for anything. In this blog you be given 15 decorating ideas that will help you accomplish this look. 


  You can start by implementing rich looking velvet or silk fabrics along with lots of trims. Although velvet is very push it is very animal friendly and pet hair comes off easily with a pet roller bush. 


If you are not feeling a new piece of furniture for your space, then a few cushions in a luxurious fabric or adding some trim on your curtains will add to your glamorous interior design.



Metallic finishes are a must have, you can use what you have around your house in a variation of metal tones shapes and sizes. Should you not have anything in a metal tones buy a can of spray paint and make your own.

 You can also paint a wall or decorative items within your space. 



Using tables and chairs with clear elements make a space look larger and they add a little glamour to any room, and of course lets not forget floral arrangements but keep it simple such as a single flower in a clear vase. 




It's the single most important element in making a room feel luxurious, any space without the right lighting can change the look of the room. 

Chandeliers, pendants, sconces and beautiful table lamps all work well because they bring the light down into the room.


Light fixtures with crystals will help to disperse the light around the room giving everything a softer look.

Try to avoid overhead lights that cast harsh, unflattering shadows. They don’t make anyone (or room) look good.




Gilded finishes on furniture, walls or ceilings can instantly make a room feel special. And doing it yourself is really not as hard as it seems, Amy Howard teaches you how to do it yourself. 


Mirrors reflect light that helps to add some sparkle and glamour to your room.

But they make even more of an impact if they are part of a piece of furniture. You can also have a mirror wall and that will also help with the light reflecting off  and into your space.



Bring some interest and glamour up on to the walls with statement drapery, by hanging them all the way at the ceiling (rather than just above the window) also adds to the drama.


Covering wood or tile floors with plush area rugs provides a texture difference between the smooth flooring and the rich-looking carpet.

And those thick area rugs feel so nice under your feet, which definitely helps to add the feeling of luxury.



Upgrading knobs and pulls is another really easy and fairly inexpensive way to give your home that glam look.

It’s amazing how changing out the door knobs to your bedroom will make you feel like your walking into luxury before you even open the door


You can get the same effect by upgrading kitchen cabinet pulls and armoire knobs as well.



Using nail head trim on your furniture is another easy way to add glamour to your home.

Of course, you can buy furniture that comes with nail head trim already installed.

But you can also do a DIY project to add it to some of your existing furniture.





Animal prints, like zebra or leopard, add some unexpected pattern to your space which can help to increase the glam factor.

You don’t need a lot of it to make a big impact, like these leopard print chair cushions.




Marble has a timeless, classic feel that also adds glamour to a room.

The standard way to add marble is to use it for a countertop in the bathroom or kitchen.

However, you can get a similar feel on a smaller scale for a lot less money by adding some marble accessories.

Serving cocktails on a marble tray is an easy way to do the trick. Plus that pink, white and gold color scheme is pretty glam all by itself!


Speaking of cocktails, my image of Hollywood glam isn’t complete without a bar cart…and crystal decanters. Which is why having one in your room is on my list of glamorous decorating ideas.

Bar carts are actually very functional pieces of furniture since you can wheel them around to wherever you need them.

Even if you’re not serving alcohol, they are great for appetizers, coffee and tea, desserts, or anything else that you might need to take out to your guests.



That’s because mercury glass combines two glam finishes together (metallic with glass) to create a super glam product.

While you can use it in bigger pieces, like mirrors or cabinet doors, even a little bit of mercury glass is enough to increase the glamour in your room.


The last of my glamorous decorating ideas is to incorporate some faux fur or sheepskin in your room. You can add faux fur to a small stool, or on to a shelf for the old Hollywood glamour look. 

That’s it for my easy glamorous decorating ideas that will add glamour to your home. The best part is, you only need to do a couple of these in a room to get that old Hollywood luxury feeling.