10 Ideas for Decorating Over The Bed

Lets talk ideas for decorating over the bed shall we? Have you ever wanted to change the feel of your bedroom when you walk in? Do you have space above your bed that is still blank? Not sure what to put there? I have been there. It is narrow and wide. An awkward space to put something that you think will make a big impact. BUT you have choices and I want to give you 10 ideas of classic and timeless pieces to use to decorate this space.

10 Ideas For Decorating Over The Bed:

1. Make a gallery wall

Create a mini art gallery above the bed for a display of your favorite pieces and to add a touch of whimsy.

2. Add a great piece of artwork

A large-sized art print can set the tone for the room in colors and mood. When hung above the bed, it takes center stage.

3. Add wainscoting or shiplap to the walls

Adding wainscoting or shiplap as an accent is a simple way to dress the wall. Doing it halfway up the wall all around or just behind a bed can have a big impact.

4. Paint the wall a different color or use wallpaper different than the other walls in the room.

A great way to add drama to a room is to paint or wallpaper 1 wall, drawing the eye to a focal point in a room. Select a shade either darker or a tad lighter than your main color being used in your bedding.

5. Add a sunburst mirror

This is my favorite, of course, like we did in this master bedroom. They have a modern and classic feel to them and seem to be the favorite piece of designers these days.

6. Hang fabric panels

Hanging fabric gives the wall behind a bed a breezy feel and a nice touch of pattern to the bed.


7. Add shelving

Well, coming from California (in the past) I would never had said to do this one but now living in the South I seem to gravitate towards floating shelves now. I love this simple and easy way to display favorite things.

8. Place a decorative folding screen behind the bed

Oh, how I love old screens and I love that you can move them when you change your mood. Placing one behind the bed (wood or fabric-covered) is a great “replacement” for a headboard.

9. Use decorative plates

Personally, with this one, I would only use white plates to make your eye see the pattern you create with them on the wall rather than it looking like a cluttered mess.

10. Hang a canopy

A designers dream is adding a canopy over a bed! It is so regal and majestic and just creates a luxurious feel.